Founded in 1921 in Germany, the Berndes brand has a rich history of revolutionising the cookware market. One of the most notable achievements of Berndes is the introduction of the world’s first non-stick aluminium pans in 1950. With constant investment and research in product design and development, Berndes has bought us new and improved pan coating techniques and manufacturing processes decade after decade.

Crafting timeless cult classics including the Berndes Bonanza wooden-handled pan of 1976, Berndes quality has proved top of the line time and time again. Berndes has a company culture based around cooking and enjoying life with family and friends, and using the best quality, natural ingredients and materials in both cooking and manufacturing processes. Ecology has partnered with Berndes to bring you the best of the cookware world. Browse the Berndes range and discover the world of high quality, European cookware.

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